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Safari Splendour collection with 29 products
Safari Splendour 29 products 2 Likes  
Alhambra collection with 18 products
Alhambra 18 products 1 Like  
Blue Feather collection with 7 products
Blue Feather 7 products 1 Like  
Lara & Lily collection with 16 products
Lara & Lily 16 products 2 Likes  
Harvest In Provence collection with 16 products
Harvest In Provence 16 products 1 Like  
Mauritius collection with 29 products
Mauritius 29 products 1 Like  
Safari Delft Blue & White collection with 17 products
Safari Delft Blue & White 17 products 1 Like  
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Talented men and women with enormous artistic potential face untold disadvantages in Africa today.

Penelope Penzo's® philosophy is to capture and nourish this potential to enable each person to develop a marketable skill, build a sense of pride, and experience pleasure in their accomplishments and thereby giving them a meaningful place in society...... Read More